Fun Facts About Tammy E

Well, my marketing consultant tells me we need to have an “About Me” page, and I’ve been reluctant to do it. So for those of you who need to know there’s more to me than “Home Loan Tammy”, here ‘ya go: 

Sixteen Random Things About Me

One:  Shoes: I love them. A lot.  My personal collection may number more than 188 pair

Two: For nearly nine years my best friend was my house rabbit, Professor.  He had full run of the house and we had a great time together 

Three: My favorite restaurant is Carousel in Glendale for Middle Eastern cuisine  

Four: Ballroom dance class changed my life.  Learning to “follow” was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done – and as it turns out, it’s also one of the most satisfying

Five: As a kid, my favorite games were PayDay and Life – and I was always the banker

Six: My first resort vacation was a hoot:  I ate sushi for Thanksgiving dinner, and rode a camel, and had a martini with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Seven: Doing laundry makes me feel happy

Eight: During one eighteen-month period, I ate Brussels sprouts every day

Nine: I haven’t had TV service since 1996

Ten: Did you know there is a character named “Betty” in West Side Story?  There was when I danced the part in my high school play … AND – I won a trophy for “Most Improved Dancer” for my performance

Eleven: The first time I heard a concert at Disney Concert Hall, I wept, it was so beautiful

Twelve: I own my own roller skates (old school white, with yellow wheels and stoppers)

Thirteen: On one remarkable day, I fed a kangaroo Fig Newton cookies, held a Capuchin monkey, walked a pair of baby tiger cubs, and washed an elephant named Butch

Fourteen: During high school and college, I dreamed in French

Fifteen: My mornings start with jasmine tea and meditation

Sixteen: I love shopping at HomeGoods so much that I bought its stock for my retirement portfolio

My work with home finance really feels like a calling, 
and I’d love to help you if you – Call Me and Let’s Talk!
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